SAFL – 14 January 2023 – Registration


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Date: 14 January 2023 (Saturday)
Time: 10.00am to 11.30am (GMT+6 Bangladesh)   /  12.00pm to 1.30pm (GMT+8 Malaysia)
Mode: Live Streaming via ZOOM.


Jointly organised by BinaPavo and its exclusive strategic partner in Bangladesh, Lighthouse Business Consulting Limited, this Preview Session: STRATEGY ANALYSIS AND FORMULATION FOR LEADERS will provide preliminary insights into the actual 3-month programme which covers three (3) stages i.e. Input Stage, Matching Stage and Decision Stage. The 3 stages involve strategic review and analysis up to formulating strategies and the action plan for execution. The actual programme is designed to harness strategic and managerial leadership skills to perform effectively in ensuring that the organization is continuously gaining and sustaining competitive advantage.

The preview session will be facilitated by DR. MOHAR YUSOF. He has 30 years of entrepreneurial and managerial experience in start-ups and growing businesses. In addition, he has acquired scholarly and professional competencies in the disciplines of family business, entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy and financial planning, which enabled him to be a qualified and skilled strategist, advisor, trainer and mentor. He is a 2nd generation leader and steward of a family business founded in mid-1980s which is currently focused in business areas related to ICT services, digital app development, project management, education and training. In 2009, he founded a management consulting firm which since 2013 has specialised in family business and family wealth advisory and development services. He currently serves in the Board of Directors or Advisors of several companies. In addition, he writes for newspapers and magazines in areas related to family business and family wealth management. He has been a speaker and panel in industry conferences organised by the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia, The Economist, Hubbis and others. He is an active  member of the Family Firm Institute (FFI – USA and Asian Circle) and the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia.