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    Turning Your Vision into Profits

    At Lighthouse Business Consulting Limited, we understand that the success of your organization depends on a well-defined and complex set of organizational policies and procedures. To ensure the smooth running of your operations, we provide assistance and guidance in developing standard operating procedures (SOPs), which serve as a key tool in delivering effective and results-driven services and operations.


    Our extensive experience in policy and procedure development ensures that we can quickly assess and understand the needs of your organization, and have the ability to develop targeted and effective SOPs. We will help you to improve the efficiency of your operations, reduce costs, and ensure that you meet your compliance and regulatory obligations.


    Our team of SOP consultants are highly experienced in a variety of fields, allowing us to provide specialized and targeted advice that is tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We will provide guidance throughout the entire process, from initial scoping and review, through to development, testing and implementation.


    Our team of experts are committed to providing quality and cost-effective SOPs that are both successful and compliant. We will work closely with you to ensure that your SOPs are tailored to the needs of your organization, and that they are both easy to use and understand by those who are responsible for implementing them.


    In addition, we provide comprehensive training and support services to ensure that staff members are familiar with the requirements of your SOPs and can use them effectively.


    We are committed to providing our clients with the best service and support, and look forward to helping you implement SOPs that will benefit your organization.


    Few core SOPs are as follows:


    • Appraisal Policy for Managerial, Technical, Supporting Staff
    • Leave & Attendance Policy
    • Incentive & Bonus Policy
    • Develop Organogram Including Functional Layer (Department Wise)
    • Dress Code Policy
    • Educational Loan Policy
    • Employee Recruitment & Retention Policy
    • Fixed Conveyance Policy for Field Base & Office Based Employees
    • Tour Policy
    • ID Card & Casual Employment Policy
    • Medical Benefit Policy
    • Orientation & Training Policy
    • Pay Scale & Promotion Policy
    • Procurement Policy for Capital Expenditure, RM, Spare & Indirect Materials
    • Vehicles Policy
    • Zero Tolerance Policy